Velo Out

It is with a heavy heart that we at Velo Esprit have now closed our doors for the last time.
We appreciate that our loyal customers will be as disappointed and as sad as we are.
We’ve made this difficult decision due to the declining footfall on the high streets amongst other reasons, As an independent shop, we just can’t compete any longer with the inevitable growth in online shopping, the rise in grey imports and the continual discounting from larger retailers.

Thank you to those that have supported us over the last 4 years and who have appreciated our personal service, advice and expertise. And to those that have taken the time to pop in to wish us farewell, it been lovely to hear your kind words. We will miss you.

We’ve had a few people contacting us to ask where we suggest they should go for servicing and repairs, now we’re no longer able to help.
We highly recommend using John Atkins in Leamington, a well established independent that will be very happy to look after you.

Lastly, Warwick is home to so many fantastic independent businesses, please support them whenever you can.