Early Rider Belter 16″

Belter 16


Belter 16″

Arguably Early Rider’s most rewarding bike as well as one of the hardest to develop. At a little over 5.5kgs the Belter sets the standard. It’s worth bearing in mind that every kilo on a 3 year olds’ bike is the equivalent of 4 or 5 on an adult bike. At 5kgs lighter than most 16″ bikes, that’s a big difference to a child.

It’s not just the weight however, everything is designed low rolling resistance. The high psi tyres, the cartridge bearing hubs and even bespoke full bearing aluminium pedals all play a part. But it is the belt drive that steals the show. A belt will never stretch like a chain, it’ll never be gunked up by dirt and Dad doesn’t have to worry about maintaining it.

•16″ wheels
•5.65 kgs
•Suggested age 3.5 – 6 yrs
•Minimum seat height 47cm
•Maximum seat height 57cm
•Hand brushed and lacquered aluminium frame
•Upgraded aluminium sprockets
•Short reach Tekra front and rear V brake
•Forged aluminium stem
•Early Rider custom pedals
•Belt drive
•105mm crank length
•Adjustable seat height
•Winner: Eurobike Award 2012
•Winner: Red Dot Product Design Award 2013
•1 year warranty