We are happy to service any brand of bike in our workshop, including electric and folding bikes.  We offer two levels of service, our Classic Service and our Premium Service.  Both include a full consultation when you bring your bike in to us.

Classic Service
Our Classic Service is a comprehensive maintenance process which includes not only a general overall check-up of your bike, but also extensive adjustments as necessary. As well cycling away with a clean and shiny bike, your bike should also be easier and safer to ride. We’ll ensure your gears change smoothly and that the braking efficiency is at its highest, and your ride the safest.
Our Classic Service is £54 (excluding parts, if needed) and includes:

  • Checking braking efficiency and adjusting brakes if needed
  • Examining drivetrain state and performance including chain, chainset, cassette, derailleur and pedals, and gear adjustment
  • Headset and stem correction as necessary
  • Checking condition of wheels and truing as required
  • Checking wheel bearings for any play and tightening where appropriate
  • Checking bottom bracket for play and torqueing if needed
  • Bike cleaning
  • Final checks and lubricating chain

If new parts are necessary, we will discuss options and agree pricing before undertaking any work.
We recommend this type of service every 4-8 months depending on the frequency and style of your cycling.

Premium Service
Our Premium Service is perfect for giving your bike a real treat, making sure it’s fully checked and perfectly adjusted to the last bolt and screw. It’s a full strip down and usually takes our mechanics between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the condition of the bike. All components are inspected, removed, cleaned and re-fitted. The aim of our Premium Service is to make your bike look and work as if it was brand new. We recommend this type of service once every 12 to 18 months, depending on the frequency and style of your cycling activity.
The Premium Service is £125 and includes everything in our Classic Service, plus:

  • Full strip down to the frame
  • Disassembly of the drivetrain, cleaning and degreasing cassette, chain, and derailleur, then re-assembly
  • Removing, cleaning and refitting bottom bracket
  • Disassembly and cleaning of hubs, then re-assembly (replacing bearings if needed)
  • Taking apart and cleaning headset (replacing bearings if necessary)
  • Replacing all the brake and gear inner cables (and outer if needed)
  • Re-assembly of the bike and final checks

Again if new parts are necessary (e.g. chain, tyres, bearings etc.) we will discuss options and agree pricing before undertaking the work.